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At Diabetes Singapore we take the welfare of our staff very seriously. Through our whistle blowing policy, we provide a platform/avenue to raise legitimate concerns about illegal, unethical or questionable practices in confidence. At Diabetes Singapore we investigate these concerns objectively and considerately.

What is Whistle Blowing?

To whistle-blow is to report concerns by employees or other stakeholders in good faith on misconduct or malpractice that may be detrimental to the charity and/or public interest.

Why is Whistle Blowing important?

A charity’s ecosystem comprises many stakeholders, processes and a multitude of interactions among its constituents. While the Board and management normally have in place systems of internal controls to ensure that the people do the right thing and do the right things right, in reality, misconduct and malpractice can, and do occur.

Employees and other relevant stakeholders (e.g. customers and suppliers) are key players in this ecosystem. As they are positioned at the forefront of activities in the charities, they are also well-placed to be aware of acts of misconduct and malpractice. When they whistle-blow, that is, they raise their concerns to the appropriate channels, these concerns may provide a useful warning sign of an actual or impending risk facing the charity and may enable its aversion. Therefore, the ability and willingness of these interested parties to whistle-blow is highly important.