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Community Outreach and Health Screening

Our Community Outreach and Health Screening programmes exemplify Diabetes Singapore’s commitment to serving the community on the ground.

Our Community Outreach and Health Screening Programmes can vary according to needs but they can often include:

  1. Public stand-alone talks by well-known speakers
  2. Insightful self-care workshops
  3. Health screenings (eye screening, foot screening, HbA1c, Microalbuminuria etc.).

These Community Outreach and Health Screening programmes not only provide a great opportunity for the public to gain greater insight and knowledge on diabetes, but also provide an opportunity for the public to receive free screenings, conducted by our experienced nurses.

Often these Community Outreach and Health Screening programmes are FREE (or subsidized), with the aim to reach as many people, especially the most vulnerable on the ground.

Interested in attending? Find out the Community Outreach programmes that we have lined up...

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Past Event

World Diabetes Day [2021]

Every year, the World Diabetes Day (WDD) campaign focuses on a dedicated theme that runs for one or more years.…

Past Event

D2M Run [2021]

In 2021, we were proud to state that Diabetes Singapore served the community for 50 years. To commemorate this momentous…

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Shine a Light on Diabetes [2020]

On the 6th of November 2020, the Singapore skyline set the stage to Shine a Light on Diabetes. Many iconic…

Past Event

Standalone Educational Talks: Carbs - Good, Bad and the Ugly [2020]

Diabetes Singapore launched a standalone education talk on understanding the importance of carbs in diet management on the 31st of October…

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Mobile Screening Services

Through our mobile screening initiative, we support healthcare providers and practitioners by bringing our health screenings services via our mobile vans to their clinics, and therefore closer to the community.

The services that we provide include:

  1. Diabetic Retinal Photography (DRP)
  2. Diabetic Foot Screening (DFS)
  3. Nurse Counseling and Education (NC)

Currently, we have tapped onto a significant portion of the primary care landscape – now covering GP clinics from multiple Primary Care Networks (PCNs). Through our expertise, patients will receive care through a multi-disciplinary team for more effective management of their chronic conditions and the ability to access ancillary and support services provided by Diabetes Singapore. Patients can easily access nurse counsellors for individualized advice to manage their conditions, including lifestyle and dietary modification. The PCN care coordinators that our staff work closely with, play a pivotal role for a seamless patient experience.

Our mobile van service and features include:

  1. Fully equipped exam space
  2. Air-Conditioned comfort
  3. Onboard testing and diagnostics
  4. Qualified registered nurses/diabetes nurse educators
  5.  A comfortable environment for the patients
  6. Privacy via our blacked-out windows
  7. Comfortable chairs

Through these features, we at Diabetes Singapore, strive to ensure that our patients and their caregivers experience our services with as little anxiety, and utmost comfort.

Are you a stand-alone GP clinic or are you a GP clinic under a PCN, interested in tapping onto Diabetes Singapore's services?

Email us at pcn@diabetes.org.sg

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The mobile screening service is an initiative to support Primary Care Networks by bringing healthcare providers and practitioners together to provide healthcare services at specific locations. This ensures healthcare services, which may be otherwise unavailable at their practices to their locations, supporting the primary care networks. This aligns with Ministry of Health’s strategy to enhance and support the primary healthcare system within the community – easing the burden on hospitals. The mobile screening is aligned with the strategy of moving care from the hospital to the community. For both our clinics and mobile screening services, we provide subsidized rates, to ensure that the most vulnerable have access to our services.

Support Group

Our Diabetes Singapore Support Group serves as a platform for people with diabetes and their family members to:

  • Share their experiences in dealing with diabetes
  • Learn about the latest updates in diabetes management
  • Interact and learn from one another
  • Enjoy activities together such as cycling and painting on a regular basis
  • Meet like-minded people and more…

Interested in joining our diabetes Singapore support group?

Email us at enquiry@diabetes.org.sg

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support group

Diabetic Retinal Photography

Amongst diabetes mellitus patients, bleeding blood capillaries can damage the retina (diabetic retinopathy), resulting in blindness if the vital areas are affected. Early detection and monitoring of the eyes is essential, to prevent most diabetic retinopathy cases. 

At Diabetes Singapore, we offer Diabetic Retinal Photography (DRP) screening at our clinics in Jurong and Boon Keng, as well as our mobile clinics. We provide screenings using A.I. technology, to ensure time-efficient and accurate diagnosis for our patients. We are committed to detect early retinal changes in diabetic patients so that sight deterioration or blindness may be prevented or delayed. 

Why do we use A.I. Technology?

At Diabetes Singapore, we strive to provide the best quality screening for the public by adopting innovative technology such as integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) into our services.
For our eye screening services, Diabetes Singapore has partnered with an A.I. technology company called EyRIS, to improve and advance our Diabetes Retinopathy Photography (eye screening). The A.I. technology uses a Deep Learning System (DLS), which thinks and makes decisions like human cognition, to differentiate those with or without the eye conditions. This technology provides automatically referable and non-referable recommendations to identify patients with signs indicating more than mild Diabetic Retinopathy, suspicions of glaucoma and/or Macular Degeneration. It reduces the time to detect and decide on referrals from 1 hour to just about 3 minutes.
Our staff are certified and qualified to manage this A.I. technology.

Want to get your eye screened?

Call us and book an appointment with us!

Email us at enquiry@diabetes.org.sg

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Diabetes Foot Screening

Foot ulcers and amputations are potential consequences diabetic neuropathy and /or peripheral arterial disease (PAD) are significant causes of morbidity and mortality in people with diabetes. Early recognition and treatment for diabetes patients with feet at-risk of ulcers and amputations can delay or prevent adverse outcomes.

Our clinics in Jurong and Boon Keng, as well as our mobile clinics offer Diabetes Foot Screening, provided by our specially trained nurses. We work to perform a comprehensive foot evaluation, to identify risk factors for ulcers and amputations.

The services that we provide include:

Identify and screen foot problems of patients with diabetes

Reducing the risk of foot complications by providing education on proper foot care and good glycaemic control

Referring patients who smoke or who have a history of prior lower-extremity complications, loss of protective sensation, structural abnormalities, or peripheral arterial disease to foot care specialists for on-going preventive care and lifelong surveillance

Want to get your foot screened?

Book an appointment with us!

Email us at enquiry@diabetes.org.sg

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Full Lipid Profile

A Full Lipid Profile is a blood test that measures the amount of cholesterol and fats called triglycerides in the blood. These tests can help to predict your risk of heart disease and allow you to make early lifestyle changes that lower cholesterol and triglycerides – all which are associated with diabetes.

Want to get your lipid panel read?

Book an appointment with us!

Email us at enquiry@diabetes.org.sg

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At Diabetes Singapore, we provide FREE kidney screenings at our clinics in Jurong and Boon Keng and our mobile vans through our ‘Beyond Sugar’ campaign.

About our ‘Beyond Sugar’ Campaign…

Multiple Risk Factor (MRF) and Early Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) screening
for patients to improve routine screening in Primary Care Settings

Singapore ranks 1st in the world for diabetes-induced kidney failure, and 2 in 3 cases of kidney failure in Singapore are due to diabetes. In addition, at least 46.6% of diabetes patients have concomitant hypertension and/or albuminuria, both of which are predisposing factors to Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD). Consequently, CKD is an early and common complication that may affect patients living with diabetes. 

In light of this issue, Diabetes Singapore and AstraZeneca Singapore Pte Ltd have joined hands to launch an initiative called ‘Beyond Sugar’. This initiative is a community outreach effort to raise awareness on the early prevention of diabetes and downstream complications, such as heart failure (HF) and CKD. However, this cannot be achieved without your help and support…

For GP clinics

We want to establish an agreement with GP clinics to activate this community outreach programme. AstraZeneca (AZ) Singapore Pte Ltd will provide four complimentary bottles (30 strips each) of Roche Micral-Test via Diabetes Singapore to conduct high sensitivity urine protein dipstick tests at participating GP clinics. The clinic can select and screen 120 patients with Type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) for one time free of charge using the strips provided. Once the screening is completed, the results can be recorded in the MRF form to facilitate point of care and follow-ups when required.

As a GP, your participation will potentially help establish the importance of albuminuria screening in identifying early signs of kidney damage and enable patients to receive the right kind of care.

For the public

Come down to one of our clinics to receive a free urine protein dipstick test. Let the receptionist/front desk know that you are here for the ‘Beyond Sugar’ campaign, and you will receive instructions on what to do thereafter.


Criteria for this campaign

* Subject must be diabetic *

Interested OR Have questions?

Email us at enquiry@diabetes.org.sg

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For more information on Beyond Sugar,

Please visit the website at https://www.beyondsugar.sg/

What is albumin?

Albumin is a protein used by the body to help repair tissues and to stimulate cell growth. Normally, it is found in the bloodstream, however your urine may contain a certain amount of it if you have kidney damage. If your kidneys have been damaged, albumin will begin to leak into your urine since it cannot be kept in your blood.


Haemoglobin that has been glycated is known as HbA1c. Haemoglobin, the oxygen-carrying protein found in red blood cells, binds to glucose in the blood and becomes ‘glycated’. A clinician can get an overall picture of what the average blood sugar level is by measuring glycated haemoglobin (HbA1c) over a period of weeks/months.

Diabetes patients should pay particular attention to HbA1c as levels beyond normal ‘ diabetic’ range may indicate a greater likelihood of experiencing diabetes-related complications.

Want to get your HbA1c tested?

Book an appointment with us!

Email us at enquiry@diabetes.org.sg

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HbA1c Image

Nurse Counselling

Nurse Counselling for patients and their carers, are important and essential for good management for chronic conditions like Diabetes.

At Diabetes Singapore, we provide holistic, individualized, and realistic patient-centered care and advice that revolves around the person with diabetes to improve one’s quality of life.
We provide tips on self-management skills, avoidance of hypoglycemia, “sick-day” rules, and nutrition, etc.

Want to receive Nurse Counselling?

Call us and book an appointment with us!

Email us at enquiry@diabetes.org.sg

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