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Managing diabetes: Foot care

It has been advised to do the following for foot care: Check your feet and toes every day for cuts,…

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Managing diabetes: Reversal of diabetic conditions

  In 1983, a study was published showing that when a damaged kidney from someone with diabetes is transplanted into…

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Managing diabetes: Avoiding complications and Screening for complications

Diabetic complications can develop, even if you feel fine in its early stages. A late diagnosis can lead to catastrophic…

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Managing diabetes: Sex

Diabetes causes damage to autonomic nerves, which inhibit blood flow, making regular sexual function difficult. People may experience a decrease…

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Managing diabetes: Embarrassing conditions

Having diabetes may be embarrassing for some due to some of the symptoms that are associated with diabetes.  Embarrassing conditions…

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Managing diabetes: Swelling

The lining of smaller vessels can be damaged if high glucose levels remain untreated  The results of damaged blood vessels…

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