Unifine Pentips 5mm (31G)

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Unifine Pentips 5mm (31G)
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100 single use pen needles/box

Unifine Pentips have been developed for a comfortable injection experience, featuring OptiFlow and DiamondPoint™ Technology for enhanced comfort and performance during drug delivery. Unifine Pentips pen needled are designed to lower penetraton force to support patient comfort and reduce the sensation of trauma. Sterile, Non-toxic, and Latex-free, compiles with ISO 11608-2.

How Unifine Pentips pen needles are designed for a comfortable insulin injection experience:

  • DiamondPoint Technology: Precision sharpened needle tips designed to reduce penetration force
  • OptiFlow Technology: For improved drug flow, aiding less thumb force and time to deliver the dose
  • Electropolished and treated with advanced silicone for low glide force for exceptional comfort
  • Universal Fit - compatible with most injection pens
  • Exceptional Quality - designed and manufactured in the United Kingdom with state-of-the-art equipment

Unifine Pentips pen needles work with all major brands of insulin pens, including AstraZeneca, Biocon, Lilly, Novo Nordisk, Owen Mumford, and Sanofi

Cannula length: 5mm, Cannula diameter:31G/0.25mm, Extra Thin Wall