NAIL*IT Nail Protector

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NAIL*IT Nail Protector
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Although the human nail, like animal hoof and claw, consists of kertain, a material of high mechanical and chemical resistance, it is still susceptible to infection by fungus and bacteria. The cause is mostly mechanical injury to the nail with resultant splitting and entry of micro-organisms into the nail bed and wearing of tight shoes which cause pressure injury to the toenails. Predisposing factors include poor immune status, excess moisture in the microclimate around the foot (non-breathing material of shoes or stockings, or prolonged wearing of damp sport shoes). Treating the nail problems does not happen overnight - Be patient.

So far, the purely outward treatment of such nail changes was very complex and usually not very successful. With manifested nail changes medical treatments with oral therapies and the associated risks of side effects were often the last means.

With the NAIL*IT nail protector, it succeeded for the first time to develop a "Carrier System" by Germany, which easily penetrates through the nail plate and transports the plant-based active ingredients directly to the nail root. This way, the problem nails can be managed from the nail matrix and a healthy growth promoted.

This patented procedure opens completely new ways for a careful treatment of problem nails. No lacquer, but a clear solution containing with valuable naturel essential plant extracts. It penetrates after shortest time completely within two minutes into the nail root.

  • For external use only
  • Keep out of reach of children
  • Apply a layer of NAIL*IT nail protector to the entire surface of the infected nails 2-3 times daily
  • Allow 1-2 minutes for effective and complete penetration of active ingredients to the nail bed
  • Close the cap firmly after use
  • Continuously apply NAIL*IT for at least 2 months for the improvements to be visible
  • The application should be continued for the complete renewal period of the nail
  • Each pen is sufficient for approx. 300-400 applications for one big toenail
  • For prevention, apply NAIL*IT twice a week, especially each time after the manicure and pedicure's service


  • Positively manage results that are medically proven
  • Readily penetrates plant based active ingredients to the nail root
  • Care for thickened, disfigured and brittle nails
  • Promotes hygienic, healthy and good-looking nails
  • No filing needed before application
  • Care for thick, disfigured, and discoloured nails


  • Simple, topical application
  • Non-Greasy, Non-Toxic
  • Clear solution base
  • Natural plant extracts