Freedom Lite 50s

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Freedom Lite 50s
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The FreeStyle Lite Blood Glucose test strip is intended for use in the quantitative measurement of glucose in capillary whole blood from the finger, hand, forearm, upper arm, calf and thigh and venous whole blood. FreeStyle Lite test strips are used for testing outside the body (in vitro diagnostic use) and are for self-testing or care giver use. FreeStyle, FreeStyle Freedom, FreeStyle Freedom Lite, FreeStyle Mini blood glucose meters are intended for use in the home and in professional settings. This product is not intended for the diagnosis of or screening for diabetes mellitus or for use with neonatal samples or arterial blood.

Put a strip in the meter. When the prompt to apply the sample appears on the screen, use your lancing device to obtain a blood sample. Gently touch one sample application area of the test strip to the blood sample. If the strip does not fill, reapply the sample to the same area within 60 seconds. Do not apply the sample to both edges of the strip. Do not put the sample on top of the sample application area. When the strip is full, the meter will “beep” or you will see the moving lines on the display. Read the test results on the meter display.

FAD Glucose Dehydrogenase (Aspergillus Oryzae) ≥ 1.0 Unit; Other ingredients (buffer, mediator, etc.) ≥ 0.01 mg