BD Ultra-Fine™ 6mm Needle (1ml)

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BD Ultra-Fine™ 6mm Needle (1ml)
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100 single use syringes/box

BD Ultra-Fine™ 6mm x 31G insulin syringe, 25% shorter than the 8mm needle. This length is supported by recent recommendations published in Mayo Clinic Proceedings that advocate using the shortest needle first-line for all patient categories.1† Preferred by most patients over their current needle length, BD Ultra-Fine™ 6mm x 31G insulin syringes provide approximately 3x-lower risk of intramuscular injection compared to a 8-mm needle. Other features:four barrel sizes, reduced risk of hypoglycaemia

Volume=1ml Needle length=6mm, Needle Gauge (G)=31 (0.25mm), Syringes for 100 units of insulin or less, Use with U-100 insulin only