My Healthy Plate

Updated On Jan 12, 2022

Diabetes Singapore in partnership with Abbott Nutrition, Temasek launched ‘My Healthy Plate’ in real life!

This plate is an easy-to-understand visual guide, designed by the Health Promotion Board, helping you adopt healthier eating habits, which in turn can help you better manage your weight and ward off chronic diseases. Whether you’re diabetic or not, this plate makes it easier to understand the variety of foods to eat in right amounts to meet your daily nutritional needs. Eating healthier, and balanced meals has become just that more interesting and easy.

– Fill quarter plate with wholegrains
– Fill quarter plate with good sources of protein
– Fill half plate with fruit and vegetables

All you have to do, is make a donation of $30, $50, $70 or $90, and you will receive one, two, three, or four FREE ‘My Healthy Plate’. Hurry now, whilst stocks last!

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