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Living with diabetes can be challenging and stressful…

Not only do you have to worry about your condition, but also you have to deal with recurring expenses for monitoring your condition, accessing the right kind of information and support to suit your unique needs etc.

Diabetes Singapore is here to help you! Become a member of Diabetes Singapore and gain access to a wide range of benefits and privileges that will help in relieving some stress!

Benefits and privileges include:

1. Access to discounts

  • Huge discounts of 30% or more on diabetes self-management merchandise
  • Subsidized and discounted health screening for foot, eye and HbA1c

2. Access to patient-centered care

  • Subsidized counselling sessions from our experienced nurses
  • Access to customized lifestyle programmes catered to better manage your health 

3. Access to information on diabetes

  • Diabetes Singapore Quarterly magazine
  • Regular updates on what is new with diabetes management and get invited to special talks and seminars 

4. Access to meeting like-minded people

  • Diabetes Support Group 
  • Retreats


Membership categories

Choose from 3 different membership categories

Membership  Fee Benefits & Privileges 
1-year $35.00
  • No registration fee
  • Free glucometer 
  • Complimentary newsletter 
  • Access to talks, seminars and members only retreats
2-years $55.00
3-years $77.00

How do I become a member?

  1. Download the Diabetes Singapore Membership Form here 
  2. Fill in the Diabetes Singapore Membership Form 
  3. Send the filled in Diabetes Singapore Membership Form to enquiry@diabetes.org.sg 

Don’t forget to mention which category you would like to sign up for, and your payment method when you email us!